Guaranteed Laughs

Have a friend, boss, co-worker, or family member who you would like to do something special for? 

Treat them to our nationally renowned ROASTMASTERS show. Make a person of your choosing into the centerpiece of an entire hour long comedy production! You provide pictures, some back stories, and a crowd who loves them for their quirks, and we'll provide the show- Carefully calibrated to cause squirming yet also show endearment.

We also work with our participants to ensure it's a safe and comfortable show for the performers and the audience. Our shows are inspired by events of the participant's life without divulging any dark secrets.

Make It Memorable

ROASTMASTERS has been performing private and public shows regularly for over three years and on both coasts of the US- from Seattle to New York City.

Whether it's a birthday, corporate retreat, bachelor party, retirement celebration, or any other milestone, ROASTMASTERS can instantly add memorable entertainment to your special event! Give us the background and we provide the hilarious customized show for that person's unique life.

Prior Roast participants have said:
  • "Hilariously entertaining..."
  • "Would do it again!"
  • "What a unique way to celebrate my birthday with friends and family- Loved it!"
Plan Something Special

We would love to perform at your event and add your very satisfied experience to our growing collection of others who have already enjoyed ROASTMASTERS. Contact for more information on available dates and different show options for your budget. We are based in Seattle and available to perform in other cities.